Cory Martin

The video games of Nashville-based Cory Martin. Cory longs to make meaningful and unique experiences for your enjoyment, but usually doesn't. He also makes music.

Monster Destroy Things
2015, August
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Man sometimes you just want to break furniture and stuff but you can't because you're a human and it's not socially acceptable. But it's okay for a monster to do it so I made a game where you get to be a monster and do it.

Electric Moon
2015, May
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You're sent to Earth for one reason: to destroy the ELECTRIC MOON. Can you do it?? Probably not!!!

Star Spangled Hero
2015, January
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Are you a true patriot? Do you have what it takes to defeat the TERRORISTS and become the ultimate Star Spangled Hero? How much do you love your country? Do you love freedom? Cheeseburgers? Burritos? THAT'S what you're fighting for. Now get out there and teach those weird looking people a lesson in their own country.

2014, February
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A game that's coincidentally, possibly similar to Flappy Bird and EarthBound. Join Nuss as he journeys rightward. Avoid obstacles such as Neptune Valley Houses, Regular Houses, Iron Pencils and The Ground. Collect Pencil Erasers to erase Pencils. Knock presents out of the air to unlock bus passes which unlock new lands for Nuss to explore in a linear direction.

You Are Disabled
2013, December
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You Are Disabled is a platformer where your character is plagued with a random disability at birth, seen as inferior by humanity and discarded underground. Your character must deal with his/her disability to escape. Each disability changes the gameplay in some way.

Potato The Destroyer
2013, April
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Potato The Destroyer is a challenging side-scrolling action platformer.

You play as a potato hell-bent on making his minimalistic world even more minimalistic by defeating The Crystal Potato of Destiny, the true embodiment of non-minimalism.

Reaching Finality
2012, July
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Reaching Finality is a top down action-adventure game based on The Legend of Zelda.

A man finds himself partially possessed by a spirit trapped on Earth. Working together in the man's body, they must embark on an adventure to get the stranded soul to the afterlife.

2010, September
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Robichai is a sidescroller game where you raise and lower platforms, toggle obstacles and trigger hazards with the press of a button.

You take the role of Robichai, a robot who was accidentally activated in the midst of the manufacturing process and is now trying to escape the factory.

Grand Standoff
2010, July
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Grand Standoff is a simple one-button game based on Quick Draw from Kirby's Adventure.

When you hear "Draw!", draw your gun and fire before your opponent does. If you draw too early, you die AAAAA.

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