Cory Martin

About Me

I'm Cory Martin, a guy who makes video games and music and other things.

I started making games around 2005 or something using a copy of RPG Maker 2003 that my friend gave me so I would leave his house. In the years that followed, I worked on a lot of crummy projects that never came out but also released classics such as Eye of the Tiger, Eye of the Tiger 2, Eye of the Tiger 3, Eye of the Tiger 4, and Desomiom (The Demo).

In 2007 I found this thing called Stencyl which was cool because you could make Mario games and stuff, unlike in RPG Maker where that's not reasonably achievable. I started using it in 2009 when the private beta started and am still using it to this day, unless I forgot to update this page or died. If I die my website might not go down for a while since it's a yearly billing cycle. Like, check if I'm still posting on Twitter and use your best judgment.

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